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Friday, August 27, 2010

4 New Pillowcases Arrived

Just received these pillowcases today! Sarah covered them all~adult male and adult female, and one for a boy and a girl. Just perfect. Thank you Sarah!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pillowcase Party

I keep getting more and more emails of wonderful ladies eager to send in their pillowcases. I can't wait to receive them and get some pictures up! Thank you so much! I know the recipients will be blessed.

I'm hosting a "Pillow Party" at my home on September 2. Bring along a 'blank' pillowcase, or fabric to make one and I'll provide the rest to be as creative or 'safely' creative as possible. Can't wait to see you there!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feature Friday: Rooted Studios

Kat over at Rooted Studios is a great friend of mine. A year ago she was blessed to become the mother of Owen, and begin her career as a stay at home mom. She started her business just over a year ago to help out a bit with bills and have an extra little spending money. She has an etsy shop, and also sells exclusives at B on Main in Ventura. She sells wonderful quality organic hand-stamped baby onesies that range from woodland themes to surf slang.

Kat also makes a few hand-stamped scarves that are quite popular among recipients, because not only are they one of a kind, but they are longer the most you find in the stores.

Kat has also been known to make a few custom items for customers who want something specific, whether that be stationary, aprons, or tank tops. I will have to admit however that my favorite item that is by request only are her stamped undies for the bride-to-be. Stamped "Mrs. Smith" on the buns!! Tasteful, personal and cute!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 and counting

Cute handmade brown, white and aqua pillowcases for the challenge!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pillowcase Challenge

Hey all you crafty gals out there...and perhaps some not-so-crafty ;) Will you join me in making pillowcases for cancer patients*??? I'm asking you to use your creative skills to bless others with your talent and love. I'd like to try to get 25 pillowcases by November 3o, 2010 (this is part of a 1 million pillowcase challenge). So do you know what that means? It means YOU need to help me! Don't check out just yet if you feel overwhelmed by having to be are some ideas to get those creative wheels amovin'!
  • make a pillow case from scratch (this is for those craft experts out there)
  • purchase a pillow case from the store and 'spruce it up' with your creative talents (ie, paint, stamp, draw, stitch, add whatever you'd like to make it unique.
  • purchase an already handmade pillowcase from my sister-in-law Summer who will be donating the pillowcases we receive for kids to St. Judes.
  • if you'd like, attach a note for the recipient, perhaps telling them why you decided to donate.
Send it to:

I'll be keeping a donation tracker of how many pillowcases that have been donated on the blog so check back often to see our progress!

*I will be donating the pillowcases to the Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center, located in Bakersfield California. I have chosen this particular facility because my mother, father, father-in-law, and myself have been patients there. My family has been blessed by the donations of others and now I would like to bless others. Any pillowcase received for a child will be donated to St. Judes Children's hospital.