Starting Fresh

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been busy with extended family moving so I haven't had the chance to get the Spring line listed, but I did manage to snag some time in today (with the help of sick kiddos) to put a few pieces up on I am especially excited about a piece called Andrea's Blossom. AB is my first limited edition piece. I decided to make this piece a limited edition for a few reasons but the major reason was that it took quite a bit of time to get the flower setting (soldered) the way I wanted it. Enjoy these few new pieces from our Spring 2010 line...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Sneak Peak

A "sneak peak" at the 2010 spring jewelry line will be up tonight on Facebook. Make sure you are a fan of Bethany Marie Designs on Facebook so you don't miss it! The 2010 Spring Line will be available from March 21 to April 25 2010 on This spring I will be offering a special limited edition piece.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now Offering: A Piece of the Past

I love the stories that are behind antique pieces. My home is a collection of things modern, and things from the past. Each piece brings warmth to my home. My hubby managed to grab some antique and vintage finds this past February while visiting his mom in Texas. I will be listing a few handmade antique decor pieces on at the beginning of April. Each piece of wood that is used is over 100 years old off of a home in Vermont. Here is a look at three of the pieces I've put together so far...not quite finished, but you get the idea...This first piece has gray paint on the wood. A vintage key plate and antique glass knob. The key plate and knob are from homes in Texas. The piece below is a collection of decorative antique latches. Again, the wood used is over 100 years old off a house in Vermont, the paint is white.

So much character in the detail!Lastly, a antique Victorian key plate.
As you can see we haven't actually attached the pieces to the wood yet. We're waiting on some vintage hardware to complete the look. Each is piece is one of a kind. So if you've fallen in love with one, you better grab it or it'll be long gone!

Which one do you like the most? Mine is the last one with the Victorian key plate.